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In keeping with the modern twist on Thai and Continental cuisine, the interiors and décor of Gossip are done in the contemporary hues of black, white, red and blue. Our bistro of enticing sights, sounds and tastes is divided into 4 main sections running lengthwise.

A few words about Gossip

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At the entrance is “The Smoking Section” with white stucco walls on one side and wide glass windows with water cascading down into a beautiful water basin, running the whole length of the section. This section is for those wanting to peek at the bustling street and activity outside while casually lounging on black bean chairs and ottomans or watching a game on the screen above.

The Bar

The next section is every drinkers fancy, “The Bar” embracing the blue hue from our theme in its entirety. The stucco walls are consistent throughout all four sections of Gossip but the real allure of the stucco walls comes alive in the bar section with blue lighting. The concrete bar is made with a soft shade of blue tiles and mosaic and the opposite side of is made whole with tall black and white bar stools and tables facing large glass windows.

The VIP Section

Elevated on one level up stands starts our third and most key segment “The VIP Section” which extends privacy and space to those longing for it, made even more snug with long cushioned sofas and a personal TV for each of the three VIP segments. The walls are adorned with miniature red lanterns and bright coloured candle holders.

The Loungers Den

Ending the journey through Gossip is our final section “The Loungers Den”. The main attraction of the den are the attention grabbing dining tables. These unique and one of a kind concrete mosaic tables are made to resemble a fish tank replete with water inside and glass tops. The tables are accompanied by comfortable sofas on one end and red and black alternating ottomans on the other. There is also a large screen to watch a game for those keen.